Our commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging we use. We’ve selected boxes, mailers, and bags that will protect your garment with the least negative impact on the planet.


EcoEnclose is an American brand Committed to Sustainable Packaging. This leading provider of sustainable ecommerce packaging solutions works with the world’s most progressive and earth conscious brands.

Glassine Bags

Our glassine bags are curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and an alternative to clear poly bags for internal packaging.

  • FSC certified, made with virgin paper
  • Curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable
  • Resistant to humidity, atmospheric moisture, and dust

Recycled Paper Mailers

Our padded mailers are crafted from upcycled newspaper sandwiched between two layers of recycled Kraft paper. They are readily curbside recycled after use. 

  • 100% recycled content, 20% post-consumer waste made with macerated newsprint
  • Curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable

    Recycled Cardboard Boxes

    Our corrugated shipping boxes are made with 100% recycled content and 95% post-consumer waste.

    • Curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable


    Stelmar S.r.l.

    Founded in the 1970s in Abruzzo, this family-run company originally produced shirt packaging boxes but has expanded to include innovative, high-quality packaging and clothing accessories. Product certifications include GOTS, GRS, FSC and OEKO-TEX.

    Neck Labels

    Our neck labels are made from organic cotton, grown in Turkey.

    Hang tags, string, notecards

    Our notecards and hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper, and our string is 100% recycled cotton.