Eòlas selected its knitting factories for their high-quality manufacturing, commitment to sustainability, and close proximity. By keeping our suppliers and manufacturers near each other, we lower our carbon footprint.

Glomus S.r.l.
Founded in 1988 with a Latin name meaning a ball of yarn, Glomus creates luxury knitwear for men, women, and children. Based in the town of Piombino Dese, northwest of Venice, it combines handmade craftsmanship and the latest technology to create pieces with an impressive attention to detail.

Anna Maglierie S.n.c.

Anna Geri and her husband Alessandro Bertelli founded their luxury knitwear brand in 1982. Based just outside Florence, and still family run, they offer a rich artisanal expertise. Combining creativity with yarn research and development, Anna Maglierie is also at the forefront of innovative technology in manufacturing.


Founded in 1952 by Silvano Palloni, who handed the reigns to his sons Roberto and Fabrizio, this family-run knitwear company located in Campi Bisenzio, Florence, now includes Silvano’s grandchildren, Tiziana, Samantha, Valentina, and Marco Palloni on the board. Essepi has earned an international reputation for the high quality of its Italian workmanship.   

Effe.Gi Tricot S.r.l.

Specializing in Merino wool and blends, Effe.Gi Tricot S.r.l. was founded by Franco Biagianti in 1999 in Montale, near Florence. Today, it also spins and knits its own GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified recycled cashmere. Other certifications include SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and OEKO-TEX.   

Maglificio Mapier S.r.l. 

Founded in 1961 by Piero and Giuseppina Magnani, this luxury knitwear business is located in Lomello, Lombardy. The Magnani family still holds ownership through the direction of Giorgio Sempio, and continues to build on the strength of its traditional expertise. Raw material research and development plays a fundamental role, as does the company’s expertise in very fine gauge knitwear.